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iOS App
Vocoli is an employee engagement and innovation platform. Vocoli elevates the voice of the employee through ideation and improved vertical communication within an organization. 
Principle UX | UI Designer




Aug - Nov 2016
The Challenge

Vocoli has built a successful web application that helps drive employee engagement through ideation and improved vertical communication. But how can we continue to build off of this momentum, drive further adoption and enable employees to access Vocoli anywhere at anytime. 

Our users have been asking for a seamless mobile solution to the newly designed platform and we have begun to lay the group work for an API based data structure that will allow us to share accounts, ideas, challenges and surveys across multiple platforms, but where do we go from here?

The Design Problem(s)
  • Should we consider improving our current web based app to be more responsive on mobile devices or should we build a native app?

  • How can we leverage native functionality to help improve the idea submission process.

  • How can we drive adoption of the Vocoli platform with a younger user base?

  • In what ways can we reach our users more frequently with out being disruptive?

The Process

My research led me to believe the best approach would be going with a fully native solution. Due to user device habits and the teams development capabilities we went with iOS. I followed the same method for app design I had used to design the Vocoli web app and began with simplifying the workflows.

The goal for the first iteration of the app was to keep it simple. We wanted to provide users with an easy way to submit an idea right when they conceived it as well as the ability for users to respond to challenges and surveys. 

We laid out a concept that didn't involve any form of traditional iOS navigation such as a tab bar or hamburger menu. Instead we decided to have all of the users actions driven from the board, allowing the user to focus on one element at a time.

This concept showed a lot of promise in our initial testing with users.

The wire framing process allowed us to start to concept on the layout of the cards and detail views for the different elements.

The final solution ended up providing employee engagement at the tip of our users fingers. We leveraged the iPhones built in camera to empower users to take pictures of real problems they were seeing and simplified the idea submission process so users could quickly submit ideas between meetings or from outside of the office.

To drive engagement we utilized push notifications that alert users of activity with their ideas or challenge them to solve real problems facing their organization. 

With a more 'social' look and feel the Vocoli app showed promise with younger demographics in our initial user testing.

This project is still in development and being tested across multiple user groups.

The Solution
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