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Vocoli is an employee engagement and innovation platform. Vocoli elevates the voice of the employee through ideation and improved vertical communication within an organization. 
Principle UX | UI Designer
Aug - Nov 2016



The Challenge
Not Engaged


Responsive Web App

Did you know nearly 70% of all workers aren't actively engaged with their jobs? 

That's a startling number that costs US companies close to $500 billion annually!

Vocoli started from a simple idea, how can we digitize the old wooden suggestion box to improve employee communication and increase employee engagement.

Overtime Vocoli fell into the start-up trap, feature overload. Having had successful alphas with a number of large clients, overtime Vocoli added a number of features without fully thinking about how they would interact with the current UI.

That's where I came in!


The Design Problem(s)
  • How can we simplify Vocoli to better capture employee ideas, drive system adoption, and increase response rates for weekly pulse surveys and employee engagement surveys?

  • How can we create a simple sign up process for new users and companies?

  • How can we design a UI that drives the user to create an idea?

  • How can we start to think of Vocoli in a more mobile friendly way?

The Process

After initial user research I determined the current process for submitting an idea in Vocoli was to complex for our users. The form took three clicks to reach and was so long we often found users would leave without submitting an idea.

I started by narrowing down the features that had crept in over time. With that I was able to layout a simplified user flow, keeping in mind how the flow would translate to a native/mobile UI.

After laying out the initial flow I went ahead with the wire framing process. The wire frames are where I begin to concept on the high level interactions and finalize questions like: How are the users going to access certain information? How is that information presented? etc.

The wireframes also allow me to start to test my hypothesis with users, allowing for quick changes and multiple iterations of design concepts.

The Interface
The Solution

The final solution for Vocoli included a quick sign up process that introduced our users to a new visual design language. A clean and elegant board based interface that presents the user with an immediate call to action and easy way to explore and digest content and a simplified idea submission form that walks the users through each step.

The board is the main point of interaction for our users. On the board users can submit new ideas, participate in challenges, polls, or surveys and interact with ideas submitted by other users.

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